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Unique tours and workshops


Opening new doors to travelers

We take immense pride in offering dynamic and unparalleled experiences to our valued guests. As passionate chefs and craftsmen, our primary objective is to share our dedication and enthusiasm with both amateurs and professionals. Our mission is to showcase the very best of Japan by highlighting pioneering craftsmen and hidden-gem restaurants that are often elusive through conventional means. By unveiling the secrets behind Japanese crafts and cuisine, we aspire to ensure that the rich heritage of our culture transcends borders and endures for generations to come.


Sharing our passion and dedication

We promise transparency and honesty to our guests. Our experiences offer profound insights into various crafts and cuisines, which we wholeheartedly wish to share. With inclusivity in mind, we take immense pride in delivering top-tier service, ensuring the highest quality. We are committed to never withholding any of our expertise, as we firmly believe that our craft and knowledge are meant for you to acquire.


Meet the artist behind the craft

With decades of expertise in craftsmanship and guiding, we are confident that our services will captivate the interest of every guest. Our partner craftsmen have contributed their artistry to esteemed kitchens in Japan and conducted workshops for renowned chefs and industry experts. The restaurants we aspire to promote have stood as pillars of Kyoto cuisine for decades, and some even for centuries. We hope that our expertise will unlock the doors to a hidden world eagerly awaiting your exploration.




The secrets of Japanese knives

Discover the secrets and techniques of Japan’s favorite. Whether you choose our guided course or our cooking class, a team of professionals will accompany you in this once in a lifetime experience as you delve into the intricate world of sushi.

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